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To deliver the highest quality services by building partnership cooperation
in an atmosphere of mutual trust and friendship.


AS Logo is a sign of quality.
In terms of the highest quality services delivery, customer satisfaction is our priority and driving force. We follow the path of constant development, technology improvement, further goals achievement by means of the highest standards of services, professional staff and open-minded attitude towards innovative projects.

We are continually improving norms of production and our employees’ qualifications. We aspire to establish a long-term partnership with our contractors, which enables them to develop creatively. In all our activities we are motivated by the idea of natural environment protection through the creation of eco-friendly products and production methods.

President of the Board of Aerosol Service Sp. z o.o. Damian Piotrowski

Why choose us?

Produkcja opakowań aluminiowych
Top quality production of aluminium packages. We are the only company producing aluminium packages and providing filling services, which guarantees a thorough knowledge of relations between these two production processes.

We are proud to offer an unprecedented flexibility in terms of the lead time, the production batches' size and the packaging.

We provide production services and build partnerships, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and friendship.

Full support Full support We help to transform ideas
into finished products. We
provide products in various
visually attractive
packagings in line with
the market trends.
R&D R&D We care about every step of
product manufacturing: from
the formula elaboration,
selection of appropriate
packaging elements to the
attractive graphic design.
Environment friendly Environment friendly We operate according to BSR
(Business for Social Responsibility)
rules – from the very beginning of
strategy building, we take social
interests and environmental
protection into the account.
Know how Know how We offer advice on the
technical feasibility of projects,
market trends and legal
regulations concerning
introducing new products
to the market.
Transport Transport We offer services of our
Logistics Department, which will
match a proper form of transport,
issue required documents
and carry out all the

Assurance Quality

Production of Aerosol Containers
The Quality Management System rules are properly observed on every organizational level of the company's hierarchy: from the Risk Analysis of projects undertaken, verification audits of processes on a frequent and systematic basis, to a multi-stage quality control.
In addition to the rigorous quality policy, Aerosol Service also meets the highest standards set by international guidelines:

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